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Sharjah Mosque Project: A Modern Islamic Architectural Masterpiece

Apr , 4
Sharjah Mosque Project: A Modern Islamic Architectural Masterpiece

The Sharjah Mosque is a project that our company is working on. We provide the architectural design, Interior design, and Landscape design for this project. This mosque will be an iconic landmark in the region, and it will be one of the most iconic mosques in the world.


The Sharjah mosque will be the most luxurious and most extensive in the region, with 10,000 people. It will be located on 18 acres and will have 15 minarets, each 65 meters high. The Kaaba inspired the design in Mecca, and it also will be outfitted with all modern religious amenities.


Mosques are a vital part of the Muslim community. They provide social activities, spiritual guidance, and a sense of belonging. They also provide a sense of community, a space for children to learn about their faith, and a place for people to gather. We can find mosques in many different shapes and sizes, from the elaborate designs of the Taj Mahal to the simple structures of rural communities.

We can see mosques at the core of Muslim-majority communities. They provide not just spiritual guidance but social services as well. Mosques offer an outlet for local Muslims to find community as well. And make friends with people who share their values and beliefs.


Mosques have a specific architectural structure to convey the Islamic faith. We build mosques with Arabic calligraphy and geometric patterns used to represent the unity of all things. The mosque is traditionally designed with a large dome, four minarets at each corner, and a courtyard in front of it. An arcade or colonnade often surrounds the courtyard. The qibla is the most essential and oldest section of a mosque. The qibla is a wall niche that designates the direction of Mecca, from which Muslims should pray. Designers then mark it with a mihrab, an architectural structure that resembles an arch. Mosque architecture is a complex and delicate task. It requires the builder to carefully balance the needs of both the worshipper and the worshiped. We achieve this balance through a careful study of Islam along with many years of experience in mosque building.


We at Arabdullah are proud to say that we have been able to build some of the most beautiful mosques in the world while adhering to these principles. We have built mosques in countries all over Asia, Africa, and Europe, each one as unique as its location but all with an unmistakable Arabdullah signature style. That is why the Sharjah mosque project. We believe that buildings should be built with a sense of harmony and balance. so we take great care to ensure that our mosques are architecture beautifully. The architecture is planned according to Islamic principles and also considers some traditional architectural styles. We use only the best architects who have years of experience designing mosques that combine modern design with Islamic architecture.

Sharjah mosque is a landmark project in the UAE. It will also be one of the largest mosques globally, and it will be a symbol of Sharjah’s culture, history, and heritage. We are working day and night on this project to ensure that it is completed on time.


Our company has a team of experienced professionals who have been working on this project for a while now. We have been able to complete some of the most challenging projects in our area with great success, and we are confident that our company will be able to do the same for this one.

 We are a prominent architectural design firm that works with a diverse variety of customers, from individuals to huge corporations. Our team of professionals also have designed some of the most iconic buildings globally and are known for our innovative designs. We comprise of a team of talented architects who work to ensure that our clients get the best quality buildings according to their requirements and budget.

The Arabdullah has a diverse portfolio of projects that includes residential, commercial, and mixed-use developments, which we have designed to emphasize sustainability and eco-friendliness. When it comes to architectural consulting, we are the most sought-after. We have a diverse portfolio of projects that includes residential, commercial, and mixed-use developments, which emphasize sustainability and eco-friendliness. Architectural expertise is a core strength of our company. We have built a reputation for being the best in the business, and we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of services.


The Sharjah Grand mosque project is the one that will prove the excellence of our company in architecture. The project is one of the most complex and challenging, and our company has ever undertaken prestigious projects. The Sharjah mosque will be a modern interpretation of traditional Islamic architecture with its features, including domes, minarets, and arches. This project is a landmark of our architectural and engineering capabilities.

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