Interior Designer

Private Villa @ UAE

Style : Neo Classic ltd.

Frame 1

The Neo classic villa features LED lighting all around the front structures. The windows and doors are marked into beautiful colorful patterns. The main entryway features a large glass door with a diamond pattern in its center that provides an open feeling to the space.

Frame 2

This entryway leads into two spacious living rooms on either side of the interior courtyard you enter through. This is an excellent example of a well-lit private villa that has been designed to provide the best possible experience for its residents.

Frame 3

The Villa was designed by specialists who considered the minor cracks too. The Villa features a large living room with space for guests and family members, a large kitchen with plenty of counter space and storage, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and two balconies.

Frame 4

The placement of windows is essential because it will provide natural light in the room. The size of windows needs to be large enough for natural light but small enough to don't take up much space in the room.

Frame 5

The type of window glass used is also necessary because it will affect how much light enters a room.

Frame 6

Our company's best and most worthy architects have put together his project's structure which ensures the authenticity of our company!