Interior Designer

LandScape Design

Style : Modernize
SCALE: 1000

Frame 1

The project is an architectural description of a rooftop sitting area with greenery located on the rooftop of a building in the city center.

Frame 2

This project has been designed to provide shade for those sitting on the roof and plant greenery by hand to create an environment that is more natural and less industrial-looking than what can be found in most buildings in this area.

Frame 3

The green roof provides shade and a sense of privacy to the rooftop sitting area, which is essential for an outdoor space. It helps adjust the room's environmental levels. This project has been developed by using architectural design, landscape architecture, and urban

Frame 4

The rooftop sitting area with greenery comprises two parts: one part is an open terrace that can be accessed from the garden, while another part is a private garden that can be accessed only by residents. We created the design concept to provide greenery