Interior Designer

LandScape Design

Style : Modernize ltd.
SCALE: 1000

Frame 1

This project was an architectural design for a living room with a pool landscape—the project aimed to create a relaxing and tranquil environment. The project's architecture is inspired by the natural surroundings provided by the pool landscape and trees.

Frame 2

The pool landscape consists of a prominent water feature in the middle surrounded by plants, while the tree is located in the corner with its roots exposed to allow aeration and drainage. The pool landscape is designed in a square with the pool at the center and two trees on each side. The trees are planted in front of the house, creating a buffer zone between the house and the street. The living room has an open, airy feel that goes well with its large windows, which provide ample natural light.

Frame 3

Two sofas are positioned in front of each other, which gives off a warm feeling when family members occupy them during social gatherings or movie nights. The goal of this project is to create a room that is both useful and visually pleasant to the user.The design features a large tree in the center of the living room, which provides shade from the sunlight during the summer months. It also has a pool landscape on one side that creates an oasis-like feeling for those who love to swim or relax by it.