Interior Designer

LandScape Design

Style : Modernize
SCALE: 1000

Frame 1

The front yard sitting area with a small lake and bridge is an example of a modern architectural design that integrates nature. It has a natural feel, which allows for an easy flow of people through the space. The water feature also adds to this feeling,

Frame 2

The bridge is red brick, and large plants surround the pond with water lilies in the middle. There are also some large rocks on either side of the bridge, which gives it a very natural look. The sitting area is made of natural stone and has a fountain in the center

Frame 3

It's a great place to relax while still close enough to the house to keep an eye on kids or pets. The design of this front yard sitting area with a small lake and bridge is intended for function and form. The small size of the space allows it to be easily accessible from multiple angles.

Frame 4

The natural materials used in construction help make it feel closer to nature. The exterior of the sitting area has a concrete path leading to the bridge and an arched walkway that leads from the bridge to the front door.