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Formal Sitting

Style : Modernize

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The formal sitting project is a method of architectural description and analysis. It was developed by the architect Louis Kahn in the 1940s. The project is a set of drawings created to be used as part of a design process. The pictures show how the building will be constructed, the materials used, and its function.

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This method is widely used today because it provides an organized way to present ideas in an architectural design process. It is also easy for people who are not architects and allows them to participate in the design process more efficiently.

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You can find the formal sitting room in many houses built before 1850, but it is also present in some modern homes. The formal sitting room typically has a fireplace or an ornate mantelpiece with decorative elements such as carvings or sculptures. In addition, there are many decorative items such as vases, paintings, and sculptures that help create a sense of serenity and calmness.

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The purpose of this space in the home was to provide comfort to those who came into it while also maintaining a sense of order by following certain conventions and rules. The type of furniture found within this room changes depending on where it's located within the building.