Interior Designer


Style : Neo Classic

Frame 1

A trendy shop is a store that has an urban, casual, and chic look. It has an open layout with light colors and exposed brick walls. Large windows bring in direct sunlight and give a glimpse of the neighborhood outside.

Frame 2

The shop is designed to provide customers with a comfortable shopping experience while looking for new trends in fashion. The store's interior design consists of dark wood, leather couches, and innovative lighting fixtures that create a modern aesthetic. The shop is a trendy store specializing in selling fashionable clothes and accessories.


It is situated in the city center, on the corner of a major junction. The store is small, but it has an eclectic design with large windows and bright colors. The shop is designed with a modern aesthetic, clean lines, and straight edges. The front of the store features a large glass window showcasing the items for sale, while the back features a brick wall and ivy climbing up it.