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Modern Sitting @ Dubai

Style : Modernize ltd.

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The current sitting room project is a design project created by our firm. By analyzing the design and its functions, we can better understand how this idea came about.

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The current sitting room project is an office space that we created for their clients. It is designed to be a place where people can work in peace and comfort while still having conversations with colleagues or friends.

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This idea was inspired by the concept of "shared living," which means that people are more likely to co-work and co-live together to achieve efficiency from their time spent working at home or work.

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The modern sitting room is a living space with its unique characteristics. It is intended to be useful, comfortable, and visually appealing.

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The design takes on the form of a horizontal surface that covers the whole floor plan to create an uninterrupted view from any angle. The furniture is arranged so that the space is divided into three zones: one for social interaction, one for reading, and one for relaxing.

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The design team used wood, stone, glass, and steel to create this modern sitting room.

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