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Modern Family Lounge @ Sharjah

Style : Modernize ltd.

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This modern family lounge project is a mixed-use building designed to house a variety of family activities. The project includes two levels of apartments and a ground-floor commercial space. The project's design was inspired by the idea that people should be able to live, work, and play in one place.

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The program of the building is structured into three major sections: living, working, and socializing. The living section is located on the top floor and includes the majority of the apartments and communal spaces such as a gym, library, and children's playroom.

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The commercial section on the ground floor provides services such as restaurants, cafes, shops, and offices. This project is a modern family lounge with an architectural design that is practical and aesthetically pleasing.

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The major purpose of the project is to provide an area where the family can spend quality time together. This initiative was created to give a fresh location for families to unwind in their daily lives.

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This lounge is an example of how a family lounge can be designed to accommodate the needs of all types of families, whether they are large or small.

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