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Classic Kitchen Design @ Dubai

Style : Classic ltd.
SCALE: 1000

Frame 1

The kitchen design features a black marble countertop with white cabinets and a dark wood-look tile backsplash. The kitchen has an island in the center of the room, which houses a sink, dishwasher, and refrigerator.

Frame 2

The design was built with a contemporary aesthetic in mind. The materials used are natural wood, ceramic tile, and stainless steel. The colors chosen are white with light grey accents on the island and dark grey on the cabinets.

Frame 3

This kitchen design is unique because it blends traditional interior design with modern materials and techniques to create an appealing space that would work well in any home setting. This kitchen's design goal was to create a room that was both utilitarian and cozy.

Frame 4

We designed the layout to allow maximum space utilization while maintaining an open feel. The project will also look at how this style is reflected in architecture through different building materials and colors - brickwork, stucco, marble - used for walls and floors.

Frame 5

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